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We realize that the rate of unemployment is gradually increasing despite of governments and NGOs efforts in battling the menace and it goes without saying that a lot still has to be done.
Through schools, Colleges, and Institutions we have and do to reach a large number of youths with technology. However, we realize that there is countless number of potential youths out in the society who are not in such formal settings as schools, colleges etc) who would equal reshape their future positively if only they would get access to ICT and its vast knowledge.
Such are: school drop outs and all of them who are out of school for various reasons, the unemployed etc:
We strongly believe that by Establishing a Centre’s of influence (vocational training centre) for such will definitely absorb many of them and channel their energy in building a hope and a Future!
This will not only create employment but will also Bringing up a skilful and influential techno – generation that will bring about a positive change and development.
Using technology in Tapping and nurturing every potential in the society!
In our centres of influence we offer free vocational training in the following programs

  • Computer for music
  • Computer and photography
  • Computer and Graphic designing
  • Computer and teaching
  • Computer and accounting
  • Computer and information
  • Computer and entertainment
  • Computer and health


Current project: MUSOMA CENTTRE OF INFLUENCE – DONATE your single donation will change someone’s life forever!! 


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