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We place high priority on improving standards and quality of education by integrating education with computer technology through a constant support towards establishment and running of affordable and sustainable computer labs in educational institutions.

This we do by providing standard refurbished computers and computer infrastructures help Schools and Colleges establish computer labs, create IT related developmental networks for teachers, pupils and students and so on.

We have supported a great number of schools and colleges and through this we have eye witnessed lives changing for the better.
Sponsor a school
Join us at expotech in our endeavors to shape the future of African education for the better!!
You can support a school with 01 or 10 computers.
School bag is a pull of donors joining together to contribute for a single school. We have a big list of schools in dare need of IT labs but they can’t afford, therefore we offer school bags for the most needy school were you can join others well wishes in joint contribution.



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