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Education being the Central hope for the future of Tanzania and Tanzanian development EXPO-TECH joins in refining this national Interest and priority by integrating Computer technology with education to update and re-shape the quality of Tanzanian education.

At Expo-tech we believe that in an age of great technological heights as this, IT has, is and will imperatively remain to be the centre where all lines of development meet. By facilitating access to computer technology, we empower schools, colleges and the society to produce competent and skilled human resource that will cope, compete and succeed in the current dynamic technical society, stirring up development and eventually lifting Tanzania to its dream of curving a worthwhile niche in the global arena.

Join and champion with us in our committed efforts of facilitating computer literacy in Tanzania, bridging the existing divides to help achieve the dream of Universal Digitals literacy.

We have a dream that is not only rooted in the national dream but also in the African Developmental dream. if you are interested in partnering with us to sponsor Computer literacy efforts in Tanzania Click here....


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